The Political Theory of Migration : A Critical Cosmopolitan Care Approach

Ujlaki, Anna (2023) The Political Theory of Migration : A Critical Cosmopolitan Care Approach. PhD thesis, Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem, Nemzetközi Kapcsolatok és Politikatudományi Doktori Iskola. DOI

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The aim of the Doctoral Dissertation is to offer criticism of the mainstream political theory of migration and a substantive proposal, called the Critical Cosmopolitan Care approach for overcoming the deficiencies of the most mainstream literature. The criticism and the proposal are formulated on two levels. On the epistemological level, the underlying methodological nationalism of the most influential approaches is replaced by a critical cosmopolitan agenda. On the normative level of the argument, the host standpoint of mainstream approaches is supplemented with feminist care ethics and politics of migration. The main results of the doctoral dissertation: 1. The dissertation offers a criticism for mainstream political theory of migration, in doing so, it a. offers a criticism and possible helpful reformulations of Rawlsian liberalism and Pettitean republicanism; b. offers and uses different analytical tools, such as methodological nationalism and the host standpoint for criticizing the main approaches to migration. 2. It sketches an alternative to the mainstream literature in a way that a. differentiates analytically between two levels of the proposed answer by building on i. critical cosmopolitanism, and ii. the ethics and politics of care; b. shows the more abstract as well as the more practical implications of the proposed CCC approach; c. addresses some possible objections against the solution; d. puts the CCC approach into the chain of contemporary arguments by i. showing its connections to republican political theory, and ii. contemporary realist political theory; e. shows why movement and migration, experience, vulnerability, dependence, care, as well as exclusion should be considered as primary elements of social and political life

Item Type:Thesis (PhD thesis)
Supervisor:Szűcs Zoltán Gábor
Subjects:Political science
International relations
ID Code:1267
Date:5 June 2023
Deposited On:18 Jan 2023 14:28
Last Modified:06 Oct 2023 08:19

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